Rates & Rules for BASIC Commissions




pencil- $8, ink- $16,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $25


pencil- $16, ink- $30,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $39


pencil- $30, ink- $50,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $59


pencil- $40, ink- $60,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $70


pencil- $60, ink- $80,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $90


pencil- $80, ink- $100,

basic color/grey toned or sepia - $130



What is a BASIC Commission?

This is an artistic rendering of chosen subject matter that is given quality and quick, “rough,” rendered style (see examples). While “rough” helps to describe the artistic efficiency of the production method… it still remains a QUALITY PRODUCT. The BASIC Commissions are by no means meant to be a FINAL and POLISHED product, suitable for mass reproduction (much like a comic book page before it goes to print).


Again SEE EXAMPLES before ordering.


Materials and Finished Products

All commissions will be completed on Bristol board with blue pencil and graphite being used for the pencil only commissions.


Inked commissions will be completed using various black ink delivery methods.

Please note that the pencil under-drawing may be semi-visible in inked commissions.


Basic Color/Grey Toned or Sepia Commisions will use high quality markers to deliver the colors to the drawing in a Rough/RenderD Style (see examples).


ALL Commissions will be signed/dated by the artist and stamped with the O.M.A.C. design logo.



The pricing above is based on the size and type of drawing and are for one character, animal, or monster with a limited background. The more time and detail required for a commission, the more it will cost and will require a SPECIALTY QUOTE.

Before we begin a commission, we’ll quote a price. After the price is agreed upon, payment is accepted in ADVANCE of the commission’s delivery.


Once payment is processed, you will receive an invoice via e-mail and production updates via e-mail. Please make sure that O.M.A.C.design@outlook.com is accepted by your e-mail system and NOT pushed to your SPAM or JUNK folders.



How to Order

Please use the COMMSSION SHOPPING CART with a detailed description of what you are looking for in your COMMISSION.

Feel free to E-mail us at O.M.A.C.design@outlook.com, after processing your order with any additional information.




You pay for the creation and delivery of the original art. The commission is only for YOUR personal use. This means you can show it to your friends, frame it, and display it. You may not use the commission for profit, use it for commercial means, or claim rights as your own work. If you DO re-sell this original work of art that you have commissioned, O.M.A.C. design, et al shall remain exempt from any profiteering off of any works of art sold by its customers.


O.M.A.C. design retains all rights to re-use any images produced for self-promotion. However, the ORIGINAL is YOURS and shall never be reproduced in the same format and manner as delivered to you… the CUSTOMER and FAN.



The commission rates apply only to the BASIC Commissions. If you would like to hire us for commercial illustration work, a professional contract will need to be drawn.



All BASIC Commissions are quality packaged and shipped with care.


Please NOTE that we STRONGLY URGE the customer to purchase the Shipping INSURANCE. Even the BEST of packaging can be destroyed by the handlers and a work of art is irreplaceable. All damage incurred during shipping will NOT constitute ANY refunds on services.


PLEASE purchase the INSURANCE.


BASIC Commission shipping is:

$6 within the U.S.

$8 to Canada or Mexico

$10 everywhere else.


Please add $2.00 to each for INSURANCE


If more than one piece is commissioned in the same order, the same shipping charges will apply for the order as a whole UNLESS the weight changes drastically.


February 15, 2015

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